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Know-How, tools, experience and strong partners especially in advanced paint technology and automation

Many Reasons

  • High special Know-How in advanced paint technology and automation
  • Intensive experience in the coordination of crossfunctional teams
  • Extensive knowledge of scientific and engineering technical backgrounds
  • Numerous cooperations with partners from industry and research
  • International business orientation
  • Impartiality with respect to operating company, material and equipment suppliers
  • Systematic approaches in the framework of a holistic view
  • Employment of modern advanced technology instruments
  • Introduction of new methods
  • Efficient and highly structured project management
  • High problem solving competences due to strong analytic thinking skills
  • Very flexible personell availability
  • Experiences with simulation, programming and process diagnosis using digital factory tools
  • Various experiences from different factories (not ”professionally blinkered“)
  • Long standing teaching and training experiences
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